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Best way to call internationally from and to Viet Nam

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

You may surprise that most of the mobile user in Vietnam still pay for minutes used. But that’s none of our business hence what we pay attention is they are selling data sim that is really cheap, only at 8-10$/sim which would be used for days.

The reason I mention this in the article is that the cheapest way to call internationally from/to Viet Nam would use the data only.

So what is the best solution to call from/to Viet Nam?

Do not be adviced by anyone and start pressing +84 blah blah blah. Go to your mobile app store and download Skype or Viber right away. Buy a data pack of 10$ for unlimited call monthly or pay in advance for a certain amount of calling minutes.

So far we can use any alternative apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, … for calling if your friends/family also have these apps. But if they do not have and you're in urgent? Viber and Skype would be the best choices and trust me! Viber is the cheapest.

I subscribed to the monthly unlimited call pack of Viber Out with 10$/month and I can call mobile or landline of 63 countries covered.

Viber out call Viet Nam
Viber out call international Viet Nam

In case you want a better quality call, you can choose Skype which is more expensive but you get what you paid for. It’s crystal clear!

Skype international call Viet Nam
Skype international call Viet Nam

***You can choose to subscribe to monthly pack or credit pack (pay in advance for a certain amount of calling time)

The next steps is to access the apps, press the phone number starts with + - country code - phone number. Easy life!

It takes a while (10-20’) to get used to these apps but it saves you significantly (it means 50-100$/month or more if you are still using traditional way)

Hope that this experience would help you. I tried both of them and still stick to Viber hence I can call both landline and mobile phone. The only thing I don’t like so far is the quality. Hope that they would improve it in the future.

They also have other alternatives which would be found on google with keyword “Viber/Skype alternatives”

Refer the service to your friend and get the award of up to 1,000 USD for every successful deal

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