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International Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Table of content:

  1. Viet Nam economy overview

  2. Ho Chi Minh City exhibition overview

  3. List of coming exhibitions in 2019

  4. Things you need to know - Accommodation

  5. Transportation

  6. Food

  7. Things to do

  8. Idea clothes

  9. How to maximize the efficiency of the exhibitions

  10. Other services we're providing

1/ Viet Nam economy Overview

Viet Nam is the 47th largest economy in the world according to GDP and 35th largest economy according to purchasing power parity (PPP). This beautiful country is also a member of APEC, ASEAN, WTO, etc.

Landmark 81 - the highest building in Viet Nam
The Highest building in Viet Nam

The mentioned above reasons with the attractive policy for foreign investment make Viet Nam one of the top choice market for doing business recently. In order to facilitate the trading between Viet Nam and Foreign business, hundred of exhibitions have been held every year to help connect Viet Nam and international market better.

Most of the international exhibitions would be held in Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi, the two biggest cities in Viet Nam. It seems that Ho Chi Minh would hold more exhibition than Ha Noi due to its economic strength.

2/ Ho Chi Minh City exhibition overview

For the best experience of exhibitors as well as visitors, Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC) had been built and this is the only place can fulfill most of the requirements of international exhibitions. Here are some facts about SECC:

  • Located in the heart of Phu My Hung New City

  • The most modern and largest Exhibition & convention center of the South of Viet Nam

  • 15 minutes from the center of Ho Chi Minh, 30 minutes from Tan Son Nhat International Airport

  • SECC comprises four indoor exhibition halls of total 40,000 square meters

  • An outdoor exhibition of 15,000 – 20,000 square meters

  • 2,000-seat convention center

  • One high-rise office tower

  • Two international standard hotels (one 4-star and one 5-star hotel)

  • Underground parking

  • Restaurant and cafeteria with a 500-seat restaurant

Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center in Ho Chi Minh
Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center

3/ List of coming exhibitions in 2019 (click to find out more about each exhibition in the list)

  • Café Show Vietnam 2019

  • ASGA Vietnam 2019

  • VIFA Good Urban 2019 – Vifa G.U. 2019

  • Saigon Autotech 2019

  • Ledtec Asia 2019

  • The international Premium Sourcing Fair in Vietnam 2019

  • Vietnam International Maternity Baby & Kids Fair

  • Telefilm 2019/ ICTCOMM 2019

  • Entech Vietnam 2019

  • Vipilec 2019

  • The international exhibition Viet Build 2019 – Phase 1

  • Rubber & Tyre 2019

  • Paper Vietnam 2019

  • Coatings Expo Vietnam 2019

  • Plastech Expo Vietnam 2019

  • Agri Vietnam 2019

  • MTA Vietnam 2019

  • Shoes and Leather Vietnam 2019

  • Vietnam Ete 2019

  • Enertec Expo 2019

  • Vietnam PFA 2019

  • Vietfood & Beverage Propack 2019

  • Secutech Vietnam 2019

  • Vietbeauty/Mekong Beauty

  • Pharmed & Healthcare 2019

  • Vietnam Wood & Furnitec 2019

  • The international exhibition Vietbuild 2019 – Phase 2

  • Vietnam Plas

  • Metalex Vietnam 2019

  • Vn Packprint 2019

  • Vn Printlable 2019

  • Vn Food Tech 2019

  • Motor show 2019

  • Vietrf/Coffee expo 2019

  • Vietwater 2019

  • VTG 2019

  • Vinamac expo, IMF, CMF, CHF 2019

  • Metal & Weld, ISME, VIMM 2019

  • ViAu 2019

  • Vinachem expo, chinachem, vina coatings 2019

  • Vietnam textprint 2019

  • VIMAF & VSIF 2019

  • Vietbuild Home 2019

4/ Accommodation

As mentioned, SECC has 2 international standard hotels, they are all nice and convenient. Let’s look out at these hotels:

Ibis – The most popular choice

Right next to SECC (3' walking from SECC with good price as well as nice facilities)

Hotel Ibis Saigon South in Ho Chi Minh city
Hotel Ibis Saigon South

Capri by Fraser – The second choice

A good choice for customer want to enjoy luxury services as well as facilities

Hotel Capri by Fraser in Ho Chi Minh city
Hotel Capri by Fraser

What if you want a place that is closer to the center which you can walk around to find food and enjoy the nightlife of Ho Chi Minh city easily and the price is also cheaper?

Take a look at our River Gate residence appartment which would satisfy you completely

It's only 5' from the center and Bui Vien walking street as well as many famous restaurant around.

Service appartment close to the center
Service appartment in Ho Chi Minh city

Service appartment close to the center
Service appartment in Ho Chi Minh city

5/ Transportation – How to choose the best transportation

Airport – Hotel – SECC – So far Grab would be the best choice if you only have 3-5 destinations in Ho Chi Minh city each day. But in case you would go further outside of Ho Chi Minh city area or you have more than 6 destinations, rent a car would be a better choice. It’s ½ cheaper than Grab.

Grab Bike in Ho Chi Minh city
Grab Bike

For roaming around the city in the evening, Grab bike would be cheaper and because the evening temperature is ok, the traffic after 7 p.m is not so heavy.

6/ Foods

There are plenty of choices if you stay close to the center. They have street foods and famous restaurant with a wide range of cuisine styles (Asia, Europe, Latin, Halal, etc).

Number food in Viet Nam - Pho
Pho Viet Nam

You should definitely try Pho, one of the most famous foods of Viet Nam. It’s better to have Pho in the evening or morning hence this is a hot soup style food, which is not so suitable for the lunch (except the Pho restaurant that has AC, which is not for most of the Pho restaurant).

You can access foody for more information.

7/ Things to do

After the stressful hours of work, what should you do? Check out these destinations to find out more about Viet Nam in general and Vietnamese people in particular. The trip advisor is a good resource to find out information about popular destinations. But Cu Chi tunnel is a must that we suggest you should go there for once in your life.

Cu Chi Tunnel - the top destination in Ho Chi Minh city
Cu Chi Tunnel

The nightlife of Ho Chi Minh city is also busy, most of the bars in the center are full of the customer. You can come to Bui Vien walking street. This is a favorite place for most of the foreigner tourist with lots of bars, beer clubs, pubs, street foods and funny activities that you should explore by yourself.

Top Night Life Destination in Ho Chi Minh city
Bui Vien Walking Street

8/ The idea clothes for joining the exhibition in Ho Chi Minh city.

It’s HOT, that’s all we want to say, so except for formal event, t-shirt, short or any casual clothes that make you feel comfortable are recommended. Remember to bring a pair of good sport shoes hence it’s worth roaming around the city to feel the life of Vietnamese people.

9/ How to maximize your time and budget for the exhibition.

The exhibition is a valuable chance to meet up with your potential customers as well as suppliers. But of course, you do not spend lots of money and time traveling to HCM city just to meet some of them at the exhibition.

Because not all of your potential customer would be there. You, of course, would want to go around for market research (that’s the most popular opinion of most of the foreigner exhibition visitors, exhibitors).

We’re providing the market research service, which can help you determine the potential customer/supplier in Viet Nam and meet them directly. After or before the exhibition, you can come to meet them and establish a new business relationship for the future.

9.1/ How will the process look like?

1 – You provide the information regarding your targeted customer/supplier

2 – We help you to find and contact the customer/supplier as required and set appointments with them.

3 – Our interpreter will follow you to the meeting in order to support you in communication as well as a smooth negotiation process.

4 – You will pay the research fee after everything is finished.

9.2/ How much do we charge for the service

It will base on fix fee per day (including transportation and interpreter fee) + research fee (research fee will depend on the size, number of the customer/supplier you met – which would be agreed by our company and you before the research).

For example: We found 4 customers and set appointments for all of them in 2 days. We also agreed that about the potential customer's demand as follow:

If they want to buy 5 tons/month (rice, rubber, etc) you would pay me 10$/customer

If they want to buy 20 tons/month (rice, rubber, etc) you would pay me 20$/customer

If they want to buy 30 tons/month (rice, rubber, etc) you would pay me 40$/customer

If they want to buy 50 tons/month (rice, rubber, etc) you would pay me 60$/customer


So I found 2 customers with the demand of 5 tons and 2 customers with the demand of 30 tons.

The total would be: 80 (flat fee per day) + 10*2 + 30*2 = 160$

It's just that simple!

9.3/ How and when will you pay?

You would pay in advance for the flat fee via Paypal, Wire transfer or cash, just pick the most convenient one for you. The research fee will be paid after everything is finished.

Because research would take time especially it's harder to contact the customer on weekends, so try to call us to set up everything as soon as possible for the best result.

10/ We're also providing other translation as well as business services which you can find out more by click here or here

Refer the service to your friend and get the award of up to 1,000 USD for every successful deal

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