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Over the phone interpretation

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Have you ever felt reluctant to travel abroad because you are afraid of the language barrier?

Have you ever missed a business opportunity because you cannot speak your customer’s language?

Have you ever had to pay a professional interpreter for a whole day worth of fee but you actually require their assistance for much less time?

Have you ever wanted to call someone internationally yet you are not sure how?

If your answer is YES to any of the above questions, we are pleased to give you the solution.

Our over the phone interpretation service will help you overcome the language barrier with ease and lower cost than traditional on-site interpretation service.

What is over the phone interpretation?

To have a better understanding, let’s compare over the phone interpretation with on-site interpretation.

During on-site interpretation, the interpreter needs to be present in order to interpret your conversation with the other person.

For over the phone, the name speaks for itself. The interpreter can be anywhere (maybe outer space) and still be able to fulfill the interpretation task between you and the other person via phone (yours or someone else’s).

In which cases and for whom will over the phone interpretation come in handy?

- Whoever has a phone, in need of support to understand foreign languages: travelers, businessmen, etc.

- Hospital, government, lawyer or any services that require communication with foreigners

- Small conference, meeting, health examination appointment

What are the benefits of OTP?

- Cheap – per second billing

- Convenient – have an interpreter with you anywhere, anytime as long as you have a phone with signal

- Fast – interpreters available 24/7

- General expertise – our experienced professional interpreters developed expertise in various industries especially in legal and medical fields

- Multilingual – we strive for providing service in as many languages as we can

- Flexible payment – per second billing, the remaining balance will be returned on your request

- Extra services – document, video translation service and more.

How does it work?

You pay – you call – we connect – the remaining balance would be returned.

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